3 Apps for Productivity

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I see so many people talk about what apps they use for productivity. So much so that I almost dismissed this idea as a post. But… Here we are.

These are the three apps I use to help keep me on track and productive. Of course, the disclaimer is “when I use them.”

Trello Trello has apps for your desktop and smart phone. You can create lists and have cards for tasks under each list. You can add notes and deadlines to each card. I’ve tried to use Trello before, but now that I’ve figured out how to make it work for me, I love it.

Pomodoro Timer I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique or not. The idea is you work in 25-minute increments with a 5-minute break. After four of these increments, you can take a longer break. I use this to get started on tasks I really don’t want to do. Once I get in the flow of the work, I ignore the timer and just keep going.

Canva I wish Canva had a desktop option, but it is either web-based or an app for your smart phone. If you need to create infographics, flyers, or social media images (just to name a few) and can’t afford a pricey software, Canva can help you. There are some premium options that you have to pay to use, but it’s very functional even for free

There are several more apps I use for productivity purposes, but these are the three I use most often.

What are your favorite productivity apps?

11 thought on “3 Apps for Productivity”

  1. Jeanine Byers

    I love Canva! Use it all the time. And now, I think I should try that timer one. I definitely need more breaks than I take when I’m trying to get something done.

    1. jencnipps Post author

      Taking breaks can definitely be a good thing, but if you’re in a good work state, they can also be counterproductive. I think the timer is a good reminder to do a self-check and see if you need a break, but depending on the task, you might not need to take one every time.

  2. Pacemakər Blog

    The only app I use is Canva. It is of great help for us bloggers for sure. I’ve heard about Trello, but have not used it or even attempted to download. Maybe something I should look into? yet again, I’m trying to simplify my life from apps and using the good ole pen and paper.

  3. Lori Ferguson

    Ah – I’m in lurrrrrrv with Canva! And I’ve tried the Pomodoro concept, but not the app! (I’ll be checking it out) One of my favorite productivity apps is Monday.com – it keeps me on schedule, and it’s visually pleasant, so it encourages me to click to check off the items I complete!


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