Are You a Crochet Pattern Tester?

That’s what I would like to know. Are you a crochet pattern tester or would you like to be?

A few years ago, I designed a some crochet patterns. I didn’t really know what I was doing and I didn’t know how to find the information I needed at the time, so I stopped.

Now I have access to great resources, including Crochetpreneur Business Academy, and I’ve started again.

I made a prototype of the Double-Layer Crochet Beanie and wrote the pattern. I got it typed and ready to be tested.

That’s where you come in. I need a few people to test it.

How does that work?

I send you a PDF copy of the pattern. You crochet the hat and let me know about any problems, questions, or other comments about it. You would also take some pictures of your finished hat to send to me with permission to use in promoting the pattern. The deadline is September 20 (2019).

What do you think?

Send me an email if you’re interested.

Author: jencnipps

I am a writer/speaker/fiber artist based in south-central Oklahoma.

4 thoughts on “Are You a Crochet Pattern Tester?”

  1. Hi Jen, let me know if you need anyone. I am pretty quick with my crocheting. My specialty is blankets, no matter what size. I am working on expanding my beyond blankest.

  2. I would, but the current project won’t be done by then and has priority. I’m slow at crochet, too. But keep me in mind for future testing. Small projects are best. It’s been months – 13 of them – on one twin sized blanket. Thank God I don’t have to make two! 🤣

    1. I will definitely keep you in mind. The next one up will be a coordinating scarf, but it won’t be for a little bit yet because I haven’t even progressed past the thinking about it stage. And blankets take me forever too. That’s why I have a self-imposed ban on them. Shawls and ponchos take long enough.

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