Is Your Mood Related to Your Creative Output?

This isn’t a clickbait title. I’m genuinely curious. Is your mood related to your creative output — or lack thereof?

I keep getting reminded that mine is.

Let me explain.

I finished the draft of RealmWalker (now RealmWalker: New Beginnings) on Sunday. I took a break on Monday. I started planning the next project (RealmWalker: Anchor) yesterday. I crocheted some both days, but I wasn’t actively writing.

Today, that manifested in my mood.

It’s odd, but that’s the way it works for me, especially when I’ve been working hard on a project the way I was and then basically quit cold turkey.

What about you?

Happy creating.

Author: jencnipps

I am a writer/speaker/fiber artist based in south-central Oklahoma.

15 thoughts on “Is Your Mood Related to Your Creative Output?”

    1. I can definitely relate to this, too. With my recent project and the new one, I have to be careful how late I work on them or it’s difficult to wind down and sleep at some point.

  1. yes, my mood does seem to have an affect on my creativity or what i may write or the subjects i point my camera. or is it more like the environment (weather?) that affects my mood and thus my creativity? maybe a random muse? i guess i really do not stop and think about it much. i just do it. 🙂

  2. It’s nice to take a little writing break after putting out a lot of effort. I enjoy shifting to other activities, which would include the crocheting that you mentioned.

  3. As for my work, my mood is always related to my creativity. When I’ve completed a project,I like to step back and see the finished item and then I’m on such a roll I keep creating.

    1. That is normally how I operate. This time, I’d been so focused on getting the one project done that I didn’t have anything else lined up ready to go yet.

  4. When I am in a groove, complete my tasks, and in the groove, I *feel* more creative. A lot of what I do is what I call ‘technical creativity’ and when I get a lot done, I feel good!

  5. I think there is a little bit of a letdown after I complete something, even if there’s something new waiting. It takes a day or two, sometimes longer, to start again.

    1. Monday was definitely kind of a let-down day. I thought starting the planning on it yesterday would be good enough, but no. As far as writing novels and short stories go, I’ve always been more of a pants-er than a plotter. I just open a new file and start flying by the seat of my pants and see where the story takes me.

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