Slowing Down

For the past week, I’ve had to slow down. I’ve had a “hitch in my get-along.” In other words, I’ve had a back ache. It started simply enough and I thought it would resolve on its own, but no such luck. I resorted to going to a chiropractor this morning and already feel so much better.

I’ve been hurtling headlong, making great progress on the novel I’m writing. I didn’t write that much less yesterday, but it has made me slow down in other areas.

Slowing down makes me pay more attention to what’s going on, both with myself and around me. Slowing down, even reluctantly, makes me refill my well whether I intended to or not.

I know it’s hard to do, but I recommend taking the time to slow down before you make yourself do it, whether through injury or illness.

It’s worth it.

Happy creating.

8 thoughts on “Slowing Down”

  1. Sometimes, slowing down is the right choice, even if it’s not forced by pain. On Sunday, I was forced to slow down by weather conditions. It was relaxing and pleasant. I called it my lull day. I might take some more of those in the future.

    1. Sundays tend to be slower days for me anyway, for some reason. I could say it’s because I go to church, but… I can’t say that. I think that’s how it started, though.

  2. Just the other day, I was heading out to the gym when my wife said, “Slow Down” – Apparently, I was rushing and did not even realize it! I said that I was on a tight schedule and she told me that if I rush around like that, I would end up hurting myself.

    Just like you stated, Slowing down allows you to pay more attention. And for me that also means preventing injuries!


  3. I know what you mean about slowing down before something makes you! I am trying to do that myself right now because it’s like clockwork – something goes wrong, I get stressed out or anxious, and then it’s full steam ahead. And I have winter blues, so when spring finally comes, it almost feels like I have been waiting at the starting gate, you know? Anyway, I know chiropractors can be miracle workers & I’m glad you’re feeling better. I also use magnesium lotion every day and it really helps for the aches & pains.

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