Video: Working with a Creativity Coach vs. Self-Coaching

A couple years ago, I did a presentation to the Ada Writers, a local wrters’ group, on the benefits of working with a creativity coach versus self-coaching. I actually remembered to record it, so it’s on YouTube. I decided to share it with you today for a couple reasons because it’s still relevant.

This is, in part, a test. I shared a post with a podcast episode embedded to see how it would do. I’m wondering if I will have similar results with a video or if it will do better or worse.

Happy creating.

3 thoughts on “Video: Working with a Creativity Coach vs. Self-Coaching”

  1. It was nice to see you live – recorded live, that is. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, myself, and I have heard that people who have CFS also have fibromyalgia. But one will be out in front & the other will be more in the background. And one will appear first. I think having both equally is more rare, so I feel for her.

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