Coming Soon: Ada Planner Group

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I don’t normally post about things that are local because I know this blog has a more national (and international at times) audience than that. This time, however, I’m making an exception.

Since I started working on Create Your Own DIY Planner, people have been asking me if I’m going to organize a local planner group. There has been a lot of interest for that. So, apparently, I am.

Here is information about it.

I’m doing that in preparation for some workshops I will be hosting later this year. It will be a series of three workshops. Participants can take all or one of them. There will be Planner Basics: How to Start Planning; Create Your Own DIY Planner (going along with the book); and Advanced Planning: Hybrid Planners and Going Digital.

The workshops will last about two hours each. The price should be around $25. I will have a final price, as well as times and locations, in a couple weeks.

One thought on “Coming Soon: Ada Planner Group”

  1. Wow… now I really wish you were coming to OCW. I hadn’t thought about doing Planner Workshops locally. Maybe something I could think about for January. Hmmm. We’ll talk Keep me posted on the group and your workshops. I’d come if I were closer. Hugs! Kel

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