Sneak Peek

I am working on a new design and color theme for y site and blog. To that end, I have a new banner that will be going up in the next month. I won’t make you wait that long before you can see it, though. Enjoy the sneak peek. Let me know what you think of it. Nothing is set in stone and I am open to feedback. banner

3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek”

  1. I love it. The text colors and fonts are great with the flower. Did you try your name in the pale yellow too? Or is that too matchy matchy?

    1. That is a good thought. I went back into the original file in Canva and tried i with that pale yellow and then a darker yellow, too. All colors are in the picture itself. I decided that I like the pink better. Then I thought that maybe I was too close to it (it’s a photo I took last year and then doing the work to it…). I showed my Mom and a designer friend and both said the pink is better because making it yellow distracts from the flower.

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