Let’s Talk Planners

Creative Commons via catchingcourage.com
Creative Commons via catchingcourage.com

The other day, I mentioned that I had been searching for the perfect planner. None of the traditional planners work for me, though, because of space and missing elements that are key to me.

I started thinking about that and I wonder: What are some must-haves that you look for in a planner?

I will start us off in the comments.

Author: jencnipps

I am a writer/speaker/fiber artist based in south-central Oklahoma.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Planners”

  1. For me, a planner really has to be electronic and accessible from multiple devices. The problem I find, otherwise I just do not use it. I will either forget to take it with me or may find that the pages get a bit too messy for my liking where I keep changing and updating things.

    I just find that I can spend money on planners but at the end of the day, it is a waste of money for me. So usually it is an electronic calendar like Google Calendar that I might be more inclined to use.

    1. I have a tendency to be of an out-of-sight/out-of-mind mindset. That’s why electronic doesn’t work for me. I sure wanted it to and it took years to stop fighting it.

  2. I love my MAMBI Happy Planner. A disc-bound system makes customizing the planner, putting in or taking out things I want temporarily or permanently, and being able to easily remove pages for decorating purposes are some of the reasons an arc planner is best for me.

    1. I have an ARC notebook I bought from Staples and have actually considered that as an option for a planner system. I kind of like what I have going right now, though, so I’m unsure about switching. lol

  3. I need journaling space. I really love my current planner, the passion planner, but it doesn’t have enough room for a daily journaling session. I need that space. I don’t really need an hour by hour calendar space, but I do want enough space on each date to have a list or write out a few lines about what happened that day.

    1. I don’t need the hourly tracker either. I don’t do a lot of journaling, but my current planner — a bullet journal — has a lot of extras that there isn’t room for in a traditional planner. Other than the lack of journaling space, how do you like the passion planner?

  4. Here we go. I’ll get us started.

    When I am really into using a planner, like right ow, there are a couple things I have to have.
    1. Space – I don;t write small. I like to have room to let my writing sprawl and make the notes I need to do.
    2. Project pages. When I’m working on a large project, I like to have a project page with the working title, details, deadlines, interviews needed, progress notes, etc. I have yet to find a commercially available planner with these elements.

    So those are my planner must-haves.

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