What are the words?

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standwithorlandoSometimes, there are no words. Sometimes, this time, there HAVE to be words.

“I’m sorry” isn’t enough.

“I’ll pray for you” isn’t enough.

Yesterday, I was in a hurry to post a blog because it was “the day” I had assigned myself to post. I didn’t wait until I could think of what I wanted to say. I just posted.

This morning, I found myself wishing I had waited.

We are all on life’s journey together, though none of us have the exact same journey. Ours are all different. We just intersect, some more frequently than others. I am not a part of the LGBTQ community. However, I AM an ally! It is time I do more than sit quietly on the sidelines. Staying quiet means that I am complicit in what happens. I am not.

I am trying to figure out what I want to say, how I want to say it. I am trying to figure out how to express my anger and sadness at what has happened. At what has been allowed to happen.

There are people who will not agree with what I say, with what I believe. That’s okay. Some of these people will be people I know, people I love. That’s okay, too.

When has it become acceptable to think that people who are different are less than human? Please notice the key words there: “People” and “Human.”  Let me further emphasize that.




That is something we can never forget. The people in that nightclub were humans. They were people. The deceased were. The injured still are. And for what? Because someone saw “two guys kissing?” Grow up! We need to move past that. If you don’t agree with it, look away. In this day, I guarantee there are still people who don’t agree that people of different ethnicities should marry. Or different denominations (such as Baptist and Methodist, just as an example). Or that right-handed and left-handed people should marry.

It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

We are all creative souls. Some are allowed to express that creativity more than others. I’m not saying that allowing creative expression would have prevented this. As long as ordinary people are allowed access to assault rifles and military-grade weapons, it will continue. I am not in favor of taking all guns away from everyone, but I truly do not believe you or I need to be able to buy AR-15s, MK-47s, rocket launchers, or hand grenades.

Today, I have been seeing memes and graphics that say “More love, less hate.” Yes, that is a start. But we also need to seriously start the conversation. We need to make changes. I saw someone else say that building a wall will not keep out the home-grown terrorists. That’s true.

Think about it.

And let’s talk about it.

2 thought on “What are the words?”

  1. Crescent Dragonwagon

    Thank you, Jen, for doing your part of starting the conversation. The things that are hardest toi talk about, that leave us speechless and unsure what to say, are those which most need to be said.

    But I do think you are part of the LGBTQ community. We all are. We are all part of EVERY community, whether we recognize it as “us” or not. Because, as you said… human, and people.

    The potential for every good and evil act anyone does to another resides in all of us. We all have some of Hitler’s DNA, and some of the Dalai Lama’s; the shooter’s, the victims.’ There but for fortune go I.

    And I can;t tell you how much I agree with you that prayers and love are necessary but not enough. No more careless access to assault rifles and military-grade weapons.No more.


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